SENIOR YEAR TIMELINE –Class of 2016    



___Discuss post-high school plans with family and guidance counselor.  Senior Interviews are conducted thru November; you may request your interview by making an appointment in the College Admissions and Counseling Center.

__Continue gathering college/trade school information and begin applying on line.

___Follow up with teacher recommendation and request now if not completed. Remember to send email through NAVIANCE

___Register by Sept. 1st  if taking the October 1st SAT Reasoning or Subject Test

___If you intend to participate in college athletics, register for the NCAA Clearinghouse

___September 10th – ACT Test

___Sept. 16th Senior College Assembly

___September 16th deadline to register for October 22th ACT

___Meet with the College/Trade School/Military Representatives that are outside of the Lunchroom

___Choose approximately 3-6 colleges/trade schools to which you will send applications.

___Begin planning to visit the colleges/trade schools that interest you if you have not already done so

___Listen to the announcements for upcoming college fairs

___Watch your grades!!  Most schools require 1st quarter and/or semester grades before granting acceptances.  We have seen students get denied by schools because of their poor SENIOR GRADES!



___Anytime after October 1st - Complete the FAFSA to apply for financial aid from the Federal Government and the State of Pennsylvania—your parents may use estimated figures based on their year-end pay stubs.

___ Attend the Financial Aid Night on October 5th  —7:00 p.m. at Roman Catholic

___Oct. 7th  – Deadline to register for the November 5th  SAT REASONING OR SUBJECT TESTS

___Begin application process (if you have not already done so).  —Apply on the college’s website or use Common App if available and then complete the paperwork in the Guidance Office. Be sure your Common App is linked to Naviance

___Check on Teacher Recommendations.

___If applying for Early Decision or Early Action, check deadlines!

___Register for the CSS/Financial Aid Profile if the colleges that interest you require it (

___Review Scholarship Bulletins that are distributed each month in Homeroom—watch deadlines!.


___October 19th PSAT – Great day to visit schools 

___October 22th   – ACT Test



___Strive to send all applications before the Thanksgiving Holiday.


___Continue reviewing monthly Scholarship Bulletins

___Notify the College Admissions and Counseling Center if you need your 1st quarter grades or new SAT’s sent to any schools to which you have already applied.




___The deadline to have your applications mailed before Christmas is DECEMBER 5th.

___December 10th ACT Test

___Register by Dec. 21st  for JANUARY 21st  SAT REASONING OR SUBJECT TESTS.

___Write Thank-You notes to all teachers and employers who have given you recommendations.



___January 13th Deadline to register for February 11th ACT Test

___Notify the College Admissions and Counseling Center if you need your 1st semester grades sent to any of the schools to which you have applied.





___February 11th ACT Test

___Avoid Senioritis!—All acceptances are contingent on your Final Transcript!

___Within 6 weeks of completing the FASFA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) which you can use to make corrections and/or additions.

___Develop a direct contact at the Financial Aid Office of those schools to which you have been accepted, and periodically check on the status of your financial aid application.

___Finish any Thank-You notes to those who wrote your recommendations.

___Bring in ALL acceptance letters to Guidance and any scholarship letters you have received.




___Maintain files of acceptances, denials, and financial aid award letters; be sure to bring copies of ALL these to the College Admissions and Counseling Center.

___Make sure that all your financial aid information (the SAR) has been sent to the college or trade school of your choice.

___Make your final decision and send in a deposit by the deadline (generally MAY 1st  but read letters from colleges carefully!)).

___Notify those schools that you will not be attending so that they may offer admissions to others.

___Watch for important deadlines at your school of choice (i.e. housing, orientations, etc.).

___First week of May – complete forms for Guidance – including Final Transcript Request

___All Financial Aid Letters, from ALL the schools to which you were accepted, must be turned in to Guidance by MAY 2nd  in order to be published in Graduation Booklet!




Congratulations!!  Enjoy your graduation, have a safe and fun summer, and get ready for the best years of your life!


Note: Dates are subject to change – any changes will be announced    



FIVE TIPS ON HOW TO HAVE A GREAT SENIOR YEAR                    Futures Magazine


1.       Relax.  Make up your mind that you are going to have a good Senior Year and let the events of your year unfold.


2.       Make the most of your friendships.  Enjoy the quiet moments and the big events with your classmates, and don’t be afraid to expand your social circle.  Appreciate what you have now because soon you and your friends will be moving on with the next part of your lives.


3.       Keep up with your course work.  Avoid the temptation to slack off, especially as the year winds down.  Colleges and Trade Schools can rescind their acceptances of students whose grades dip too low.  In addition, your Final Transcript follows you; and if you do not think you need it for next year, you can bet you will be needing it sometime down the road.


4.       Stay involved.  Take advantage of every opportunity.  Participate in whatever is offered just so you are able to have those memories.


5.       Get organized.  Senior Year is crammed with things to do and places to go, and some of them will be missed if you are not organized.  Use a planner and mark down appointments and activities.  And don’t forget to pencil in some quality time with your family, and some quiet time just for yourself.


****Don’t forget! If you need a second interview or have questions please stop in.  You can either make an appointment or if I am not with a student I will be happy to help you.